Family sized luxury fish pie mix


our luxury fish pie mix contains a very special ingredient – smoked prawns. Thus a delicious staple supper is lifted to the next level for no extra effort. Plenty for a 6 man pie.

The white fish element of this mix is  provided by our friends at West Country Catch – West Dorset fish wholesalers who deserve all our support. They source their fish primarily from the Lyme Bay area.  We will deliver to you, fresh and chilled,  in fillet form – no wastage, no having to pay for heads and tails

All fish boxes will be despatched on Tuesdays or  Wednesdays (the latter if shellfish also in the order



Our luxury fish pie mix weighing 1 kg contains enough for 6 hearty appetites and includes:

500 gm mixed white fish, normally cod, haddock and hake

200 gm fresh Scottish salmon

100 gm smoked prawns

200 gm smoked haddock

All vacuum packed in one bag in case you wish to freeze it

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